New York To Allow Non-Citizens to Vote

New York To Allow Non-Citizens to Vote

( – The New York City (NYC) Council recently made a groundbreaking decision to allow non-citizens to vote. However, not everything “groundbreaking” is a good thing. Andrew McCarthy, a senior fellow at the National Review Institute (NRI), recently expressed his opposition to the idea.

Bill de Blasio expects to receive the council’s measure passed December 9. The new standard would allow NYC’s estimated 800,000 noncitizens to vote in local elections. McCarthy, a former US Attorney in New York’s Southern District, had plenty to say about the bill.

The NRI senior fellow asserted that Democrats only want to allow noncitizens to vote so that they can form a permanent Democratic majority and stay in power. McCarthy also claimed that noncitizens would be more apt to support progressives because the party has championed voting rights for aliens. In other words, what the former US Attorney is saying is that allowing noncitizens to vote will only empower the Democratic Party.

McCarthy feels that the noncitizens would likely vote Democrat and allow them to expand the government further. As the former US Attorney explained, the bigger the government becomes, the more it will stifle liberty and allow it to become more redistributionist and more invasive.

While this is only occurring in NYC, it may be just a matter of time before the policy spreads to other cities, moving onto states and potentially becoming a federal policy. If Democrats push for non-citizens to vote, they’ll likely receive those votes, making it impossible for any other party to win elections. It could be the end of America’s constitutional republic.

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