NFL Patriots Owner Pulls Its Funding From Columbia

NFL Patriots Owner Pulls Its Funding From Columbia

( – Bob Kraft, 82, the owner of the New England Patriots, announced on April 22 that he will no longer fund Columbia University due to the anti-Israel protests that have been happening at the campus in Manhattan.

Kraft has been a bountiful giver to Columbia, who donated over one million dollars in 2000 to start the Kraft Center for Jewish Student Life. The building was located across from the campus of Columbia. His Kraft Group then donated five million dollars to their athletic program.

Since the October 7 attack in Israel, Kraft has continued his effort to end anti-Semitism by funding an ad during the 2024 Super Bowl to plea for people to discourage hate against the Jewish community.

In his statement, Kraft said that the university’s inability to protect their students from the extreme protesters who side with Palestine saddens him deeply. The growing violent hatred on campus following the October 7 terrorist attack by Hamas against Israel is threatening students with anti-Semitism.

He said that Columbia University, his alma mater, had given him opportunities that he appreciated, and he loved the institution that gave him a warm welcome. However, he no longer recognizes the same institution he loved. If they cannot protect their staff and students, he will not support them financially until they correct their response to the threatening behavior.

He continued by stating that he hopes the leadership of Columbia will withstand the inaction and immediately end the protests. Only then will they be able to be worthy of his trust and respect, as well as that of scores of people who have been disappointed in their weak response to threats to their staff and students.

Columbia’s Kraft Center will hopefully be able to become a place of safety and security for the Jewish faculty and students. Kraft concluded by saying that they only want to be able to practice their religion peacefully and with mutual acceptance.

Concern for the safety of staff and students increases when protesters chant pro-Hamas and anti-Israel slogans, according to news reports.

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