NFL Player Among 10 Victims Involved In Florida Shooting

NFL Player Among 10 Victims Involved In Florida Shooting

( – The Cabana Live venue is a bar on the waterside close to Sanford, Florida, which was the scene of an altercation in a large crowd. It turned into a shooting just after midnight on April 28 when a youngster of 16 years wounded 10 people.

After reports of a large crowd of people at Cabana Live, the police arrived just as the gunshots were fired. When they rushed to the back of the building, they discovered the crowd was running as the shots were fired. They also found that 10 attendees were injured with minor wounds during the shooting.

Among the 10 people who were injured during the shooting, Tank Dell, the NFL wide receiver for the Houston Texans. After he was treated at the hospital, he was released, as stated by the team. The Texans stated on social media that his wound was minor, and he was feeling just fine. They added that the Dell family let them know that they would provide more details at a later date.

Christopher Bouie Jr. was arrested as the police identified him as the suspect. He was subsequently delivered to a center for juvenile detention, according to the sheriff’s office.

During the investigation, it was revealed that a verbal argument grew into hostility. The arrest report for Bouie stated that he wasn’t involved in the argument originally, but soon brandished his 9mm handgun and commenced to fire into the crowd.

His charges, according to the arrest report, were attempted homicide, possessing a firearm by a juvenile, discharging the firearm on public property, and using a firearm while committing a felony.

The police were able to detain Bouie quickly while retrieving the gun away from his possession. Some of the people who were injured stated that they would be pressing charges, per the police report.

Cabana Live posted a statement on social media saying that they are in cooperation with the office of the Seminole County Sheriff regarding the episode at their venue. They added that they are in prayer for those who were injured.

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