NFL Star Sends Political Message With Cleats

NFL Star Sends Political Message With Cleats

( – On December 3, while playing at home against the Denver Broncos, C.J. Stroud, the rookie quarterback of the Houston Texans, wore cleats with a message that was personal to him.

He sported a pair of gold and black cleats with the word “#REFORM“, which is a cry for jail reform, as he warmed up for the game at Houston’s NRG Stadium.

As part of the National Football League’s “My Cause My Cleats” program, Stroud sported two sets of cleats that advocated for jail reform, breaking with the team’s traditional uniform rule.

The second set of cleats that Stroud wore throughout the game had the words “FREE POPS” printed on them, which is why he chose to utilize them.

Since C.J. Stroud was a student in middle school, Coleridge Stroud III, C.J.’s father, has been serving a 38-year sentence for robbery, abduction, and carjacking, all of which stem from a drug-related crime. He pleaded guilty in 2016. Folsom State Prison, close to Sacramento, is where he is now doing his time.

Earlier this season, Stroud discussed the impact his father’s position had on him. According to C.J., the hardest part of being a football player is juggling his family responsibilities with his work. In early November, Stroud expressed his difficulty with the situation.

Interspersed with his father’s story, he addressed the need for jail reform. The country’s judiciary system is flawed, and he should speak out more against it. He made the statement in response to his father’s current situation, stating that it was wrong. According to Stroud, he had a conversation with his father this week when he phoned him. He hopes for a change for his father and for his position.

His dad isn’t the only one in this mess; he believes that the entire system of justice is crooked, and he wants to get the word out about it. Stroud has been more outspoken this week, and he has continued to use his cleats to spread the information that he wants people to hear.

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