Nikki Haley Endorses Trump

( – The former governor of South Carolina and former ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, stated on May 22 that she would be voting for Donald Trump on election day.

In her first public speech after dropping out of the presidential primary a few months ago, she spoke at Washington’s Hudson Institute, a nonpartisan research organization. During her speech, she took the opportunity to critique the foreign policy of the Biden administration and the Republicans.

The campaign for President Biden began courting her supporters as soon as she suspended her presidential campaign. They saw an opportunity to shift their support from Trump to Biden, given the contentious nature of the Trump-Haley race, where Haley frequently portrayed Trump as a threat, labeling him as “unhinged” and unfit for the job.

Even as she announced the fact that she intended to vote for Trump, she continued to state in her speech that he was not perfect in his policies regarding the national debt or the country’s borders. However, she emphasized that Biden’s policies significantly worsen the nation’s situation.

As long as the Biden campaign still views Haley’s supporters as swing voters, they are not giving up on their efforts to win them over. The team has developed a group of their staff to organize Haley’s voters in each state as a battleground to vote for Biden, according to sources familiar with Biden’s campaign. Biden’s election campaign team remains unfazed by Haley’s declaration of her vote for Trump, due to her lack of formal endorsement.

Michael Tyler, Biden’s communications director for his campaign, said that Republicans who care about democracy in America will not vote for Trump. They see the division, chaos, and violence that he represents, and they will vote for the candidate who shares their values of hard work to get things done for the nation, which is President Biden, according to Tyler.

Haley proposed a solution for Trump to win her supporters’ votes, which involved incorporating them into his proposals for enhancing the lives of the people and improving the nation’s governance.

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