NYC Sues Bus Companies Sending Migrants to the City

NYC Sues Bus Companies Sending Migrants to the City

( – On January 4, Eric Adams, mayor of New York City, launched a lawsuit against 17 transport firms that carry migrants to them as the city contends with huge fiscal challenges related to the crisis.

Since the Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, launched Operation Lone Star, NYC has been struggling to keep up with the monetary demands of the many thousands of border-crossing migrants arriving in the city. Abbott announced on December 29 that Texas has, since August 2022, transferred nearly 33,600 migrants to NYC.

Adams said that although NYC has done and will continue to do its bit to handle the humanitarian catastrophe, it cannot carry the burden of Texas’ irresponsible political maneuverings alone. NYC is suing 17 firms that participated in Abbott’s plot to bring hundreds of thousands of border-crossing migrants to NYC in an effort to overburden their social services infrastructure.

According to the complaint, up to November 27, 2023, the accused parties have collected millions of U.S. dollars in Texas revenue for carrying out the governor’s plan.

Abbott issued a statement in response to the complaint, claiming that it was without merit. He claimed that Mayor Adams appeared to be unaware of the Commerce Clause in the United States Constitution or the constitutional freedom to travel recognized by the United States Supreme Court. Every one of the migrants sent to NYC made the choice freely after the Biden Administration granted them permission to stay in the country. As a result, they have the legal ability to travel throughout the nation.

The case cites the New York State Social Services legislation, Section 149, which states that anybody who intentionally brings a person in need from another state into New York must transport or take care of him at his own cost.

Abbott criticized Adams for playing politics in August 2022. He called Adams a hypocrite since NYC is a self-proclaimed sanctuary city. His complaints about these individuals being transported into their city contradict his own self-proclaimed sanctuary city status.

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