Only 80 Israeli Hostages Left Alive In Gaza

Only 80 Israeli Hostages Left Alive In Gaza

( – The goal to obtain the freedom of the people that Hamas terrorists kidnapped on October 7, 2023, is key in their war with them in Gaza. On June 4, Israeli officers in the intelligence unit discovered that, of the 136 hostages still held in Gaza by Hamas, 30 of them had died while in captivity.

This assessment by the intelligence officers has further divided Israelis over government policy. Some wish to return their people from the brutal conditions the hostages are being held in Gaza by negotiating a ceasefire for them and others believe they should continue to push into Gaza to find and return them home.

Thirty-two hostages have now lost their lives while in captivity. The two bodies of Israelis killed during a previous war in 2014, are still held in Gaza.

The spokesman for the military, Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, said that the families of the 31 dead Israelis have received notice that their loved ones who were captured during the raid in October, are now known to be dead. That total of 31 has not been reconciled with the total of 32 reported earlier.

The fact that Hamas killed some of the hostages before returning to Gaza with their bodies during the October raid could potentially clear up any confusion. Due to their deaths not being confirmed then, they assumed they were living hostages, according to two intelligence officers.

The officers also stated that some hostages were fatally injured, but still alive as Hamas fled with them to Gaza. The rest of the dead hostages were killed once they returned to Gaza by Hamas, executing some of them with gunfire.

In the attempt to find and save the hostages, three of them were killed during ground operations by the military of Israel. One hostage was killed during an attempt to rescue the hostages and some additional hostages were found dead in tunnels beneath Gaza. They had no apparent injuries and the reason for the deaths has not been released.

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