Over 30 Babies Rescued From Gaza Hospital

Over 30 Babies Rescued From Gaza Hospital

(DailyDig.com) – A hospital located in Gaza, which has been the site of fierce combat between Israeli troops and the Islamist organization Hamas, saw the evacuation of thirty-one preterm babies.

As part of its broader claim that Hamas uses civilians for concealment, Israel has long maintained that Hamas runs a vast center of command within and beneath Al-Shifa hospital. In its fight to overthrow Hamas’ leadership in Gaza, it has positioned the hospital as a crucial target. This comes six weeks after the terrorist organization launched a wide-ranging onslaught into southern Israel.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the neonatal unit in Al-Shifa had to relocate these preterm and low-birthweight infants to a more secure part of the hospital earlier because of security concerns and a shortage of power to operate their systems of life support.

The WHO said on November 19 that the infants were transferred from Al-Shifa in northern Gaza to a different facility in the southern region of the Gaza Strip. Despite denials from both Hamas and the hospital, Israeli commandos have invaded the facility in search of possible Hamas activity.

Six ambulances provided and manned by the Palestine Red Crescent were used to transfer the newborns. They also said that the hospital’s inability to operate owing to intensive hostilities, a shortage of clean water, medical supplies, food, fuel, and other vital goods necessitated the evacuation.

Their worries extended to the well-being of those still residing in al-Shifa Hospital, both staff and patients. An emergency evacuation is being sought by twenty personnel and two hundred and fifty patients. They are pleading for a halt to the humanitarian crisis and fighting in Gaza by working together.

One thousand two hundred individuals have been killed, and around 240 were taken captive in the attack one month ago when Hamas launched its surprise onslaught on Israel. The Gaza Health Ministry, which is operated by Hamas, reports that thirteen thousand individuals have died in Gaza as a consequence of Israel’s string of bombings and ground assaults.

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