Parents Express Anger Over Netflix Show Featuring Gay Dads

Parents Express Anger Over Netflix Show Featuring Gay Dads

( – Some parents are outraged when a new series spun off from a popular Netflix program for infants and preschoolers includes LGBTQ characters and a sequence in which a boy dresses up in a crown and a tutu.

Will Hild, executive director of Consumers’ Research, told the media that he was outraged by what he viewed as an effort to influence youngsters. His two children had watched the original program, and he had never been worried until now.

Hild felt that the program went beyond advocating for just acceptance of LGBT families but seemed to encourage cross-dressing. He thought they were advancing an agenda, considering the prevalence of story hours with drag queens and books with sexually explicit content in school libraries.

In one “CoComelon Lane” episode titled “Just be me,” a young child dresses up before a picture session with his two fathers. He tries on many outfits and asks his parents which outfit would be best. His fathers advised him to think about what he enjoys doing and to simply be himself. He dresses up as a cook and a fireman before donning a crown and tutu and spinning around the room.

Hild argued that most programs that are transparent about their political involvement from the outset fail. According to him, media firms such as Netflix are aware of this; therefore, they must smuggle these ideas into well-known series in a deceitful manner.

Hild’s response was hardly unique. On Twitter, parents condemned the Netflix program and bemoaned the tendency of media businesses to promote “woke” social ideas. According to analyst Andrew Follett from Club For Growth, they will never watch “CoComelon” again since there is better children’s programming available elsewhere. Sarah Fields, president of the Texas Freedom Coalition, said that nothing is appropriate anymore. Certainly not “Cocomelon.”

On Common Sense Media, a review site for media content, parents also complained about the show’s shift to woke programming. “Another show ruined,” a mother, Sky, of two young children, wrote. It’s very unfortunate that children’s programming is not safe for youngsters these days.

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