Pentagon Reports: US Warships Targeted in Latest Attack

Pentagon Reports: US Warships Targeted in Latest Attack

( – According to the U.S. military, three commercial ships, the Number Nine, the Sophie II, and the Unity Explorer, were attacked on December 3 in the international seas of the Red Sea. In a region related to the Israel-Hamas conflict, Houthi militants have taken credit for the most recent attacks.

The waterway connecting the Arabian Peninsula and Africa is an important route. Multiple missile assaults on ships in the Red Sea have been launched from Houthi-controlled territories in Yemen since the Hamas terror attack on Israel on October 7th triggered the conflict, per the Pentagon.

According to U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM), officials have placed the blame on Iran. The lives of crew members from many nations have been put in danger because of them. In consultation with its partners, the U.S. will evaluate all viable options.

The Pentagon reports that since the Israel-Hamas conflict started, U.S. troops have been subjected to attacks in Syria and Iraq by proxies supported by Iran. In response, American troops have launched numerous retaliation strikes.

Over seven hours passed on December 3 during the missile assaults, as reported by CENTCOM. The Unity Explorer was the target of the first two assaults, and it sustained only minimal damage in each. Then Number Nine was attacked, and then Sophie II was hit around an hour after that. There were no recorded casualties.

According to CENTCOM, the USS Carney, a destroyer from the Navy that has been conducting patrols in the region, successfully intercepted and neutralized three drones while providing assistance to the ships. One of the drones hailed from a Houthi stronghold in Yemen. Damage to the vessel was minimal.

Only two ships, the Unity Explorer and the Number Nine, that the Houthis said are linked to Israel were mentioned in their statement; no assaults on U.S. ships were mentioned.

The latest assaults by the extremist organization have been strongly criticized by CENTCOM as they pose a direct danger to international trade and marine security.

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