Pentagon Tone Down Spy Flights Over International Waters

Pentagon Tone Down Spy Flights Over International Waters

( – To counter Russian aggressiveness, the DOD is contemplating scaling down surveillance activities in the Black Sea.

For a larger risk analysis, the Pentagon asked the European Command of the Air Force to submit an explanation of its continuous surveillance flights in the area.

The Pentagon has sent a second MQ-9 Reaper to the region where a Russian jet fighter collided with a U.S. surveillance drone in order to assess the area and watch for Russian efforts to collect the wreckage. Military officials are examining methods to curtail or reorganize intelligence activities to lessen the likelihood of future confrontations.

The advantages of acquiring information on Russian activity will be weighed against the expense of drone surveillance flights in the Black Sea, especially some routes that could entail a serious chance of confrontation with Russia. There is some worry among military leaders that reducing surveillance activities may hinder data collection for the Ukrainian conflict.

Brigadier General Pat Ryder, the Pentagon’s press secretary, stated that Defense Secretary Austin made it apparent that US aircraft would keep flying and performing in airspace wherever international law permits, including the Black Sea area.

U.S. officials said the drone’s flight path was inside internationally recognized airspace, despite Moscow’s accusations that it violated territory it had cordoned off for the limited military campaign in Ukraine. No official notice of restricted Russian airspace had been sent to the United States.

According to Ryder, the Pentagon decided to disclose video footage from the incident because the Kremlin denied that there was a collision. Both our words and deeds convey what we mean, as do Russia’s lies, obfuscation, shifting narratives, and desperate grabbing at straws.

The Pentagon, according to General Mark Milley, has not determined if the Russian planes made intentional contact. Nevertheless, there is little doubt that the broader confrontational conduct was premeditated. Milley stated that Russian planes and ships have arrived at the site of the crash and are diligently looking for the wreckage.

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