Pentagon vows response to Attacks on US forces

Pentagon vows response to Attacks on US forces

( – U.S. missile defense equipment and ships are being sent to the Middle East, the Pentagon said on October 23, in response to an uptick in threats from proxy groups backed by Iran.

According to a top military official, the United States has just one goal in Syria and Iraq. That goal is to aid local allies in their fight against ISIS. Iran is helping ISIS regroup in order to destabilize the area by supporting this campaign to strike U.S. soldiers.

The Pentagon’s top spokesperson, Brigadier General Pat Ryder, said that a drone strike against Syria in Al-Tanf was attempted. No Americans were hurt in the downing of two unidirectional attack drones. The most recent assault happened early on October 23. Iran supports these organizations that sent the drones; hence, it may be safely assumed that Iran assists these groups.

According to a senior military official, Iran is responsible for the training, funding, equipping, and arming of militias and their proxy forces throughout the area, which has resulted in the persistent loss of civilian life and weakened the security of the whole region. To safeguard their military and their interests abroad, the US military will protect themselves and take appropriate measures the official said, and any reply to Iran will arrive when and how the US military decides.

According to Ryder, the new missile systems and ships are not intended to be deployed in Israel’s defense. These devices are meant to provide security for the US troops stationed in the area. Both the safety of their soldiers and the prevention of a wider regional war are of paramount importance.

The USS Dwight D. Eisenhower-led second United States aircraft carrier attack group has only just departed Norfolk and won’t be arriving at its new station until later next week.

The Pentagon said that the USS Carney, a US Navy destroyer, was in the direct line of fire when they shot down cruise missiles launched from Yemen by Houthi rebels last week.

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