Pepperoni Recalled After Alarming Findings!

Pepperoni Recalled After Alarming Findings!

( – Wegmans Food Markets issued a pepperoni recall on May 31. Their voluntary recall was for a few batches of their product, Italian Classics Uncured Pepperoni. The recall states that there may be traces of some type of metal that had contaminated the product.

The recalled product’s UPC is #2-07939-00000-6 and has a best sell by dates of August 28 and August 29, 2024.

Wegmans states their stores are located in Washington DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland, and Delaware. Which locations were the recipients of the recalled product was not stated in the recall by Wegmans.

During the processing of the meat, small amounts of inadvertent matter could end up in the final processed meat if machine parts break or worker’s gloves made from latex fall into the mix. The regulators of agricultural products label things like hard plastics, rubber, wood, metal, rocks, or glass, in small dimensions and quantities, as foreign materials. These materials may find their way into products during their processing.

Customers often discover these materials only after consuming the product. Customers may discover an unexpected solid substance when they bite into the product. As a company or even the FDA is made aware of the potential hazard, a recall is normally issued.

Customers who purchased the recalled pepperoni can either throw the product away or return it to the customer service desk at Wegmans to receive a full refund, as stated in their release on June 3. If any customer needs more information regarding the recall, they may call 1-855-934-3663, the Customer Care phone number at Wegmans.

Any customer that has concerns regarding an illness or injury related to the recalled product should seek medical attention from their provider of health care.

At the time of the recall, it was unknown whether anyone notified Wegmans of a negative reaction to the pepperoni.

In 2024, Wegmans so far has issued more than 12 recalls, the last one being for rice pouches possibly containing foreign materials.

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