Police Discover Stolen Goods Worth $100K At Homeless Camp

Police Discover Stolen Goods Worth $100K At Homeless Camp

Police Make BOMBSHELL Discovery In Underground Homeless Bunker

(DailyDig.com) – While general crime has been on the rise in the US, information from Statista shows larceny or theft has surprisingly been on the decline since 1990. Despite this, theft is still a problem and authorities recently uncovered a cache of stolen goods with an estimated value of $100k in a very surprising location — a homeless camp.

The San Jose Police Department was investigating a commercial larceny incident when they stumbled upon an underground bunker that was a homeless encampment. Inside, where detectives found five people were living, authorities also revealed a massive stash of stolen goods, which included power tools, guns, ammo, and construction equipment.

Investigators described the shelter as “elaborate,” explaining it was complete with electricity. Law enforcement officials have a feeling the people staying in the underground hideout were illegally using electrical power from another person’s source. Police have arrested six people in connection with the discovery.

The hideout itself is along Coyote Creek; the homeless people built it into the side of the bed, where authorities claim it wasn’t visible to the untrained eye. Investigators explained that a burglary at Sprig Electric is what led them to the bunker’s location, citing they noticed one of the stolen vehicles parked near its entrance.

Police mentioned they’re unsure if there are similar constructions throughout the city, and citizens are concerned. Authorities didn’t have details as to what will happen to the shelter now that they concluded their investigation, explaining it would be up to city hall to make that decision.

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