Post-Superbowl Parade Shooting Kills 1 and Injures Multiple

Post-Superbowl Parade Shooting Kills 1 and Injures Multiple

( – Officials say eight youngsters were among 22 individuals who were shot at the close of the parade on February 14 to commemorate the Super Bowl championship of the Kansas City Chiefs. One individual, a mother of two, died.

Outside Union Station, where a rally was taking place after the parade, gunmen started firing.

Chief Stacey Graves of the Kansas City Police announced the arrest of three individuals. She said that there were rumors about fans potentially helping to catch a suspect, but she couldn’t confirm it at that time. A video surfaced online showing two individuals pursuing and tackling one individual, whom they held down until the arrival of police officers.

Officials stated that they don’t think terrorism was the purpose of the event, but that the incident was the outcome of a disagreement between many individuals. The police withheld details of the apprehended individuals. According to Graves, the matter is still under active investigation.

Local radio personality Lisa Lopez-Galvan, well known as the presenter of “Taste of Tejano,” was the one victim who died. She attended the party with her son.

Nancy Lewis, a spokeswoman at University Health, said that eight people who were shot were receiving treatment, two in critical condition and six in stable condition. Medical personnel also treated four individuals with minor injuries.

According to Lisa Augustine, a representative at Children’s Mercy Kansas City, twelve people were being treated, including eleven children, nine of whom suffered from shooting injuries.

Spokeswoman Laurel Gifford reported that one person in critical condition was admitted to St. Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City after a gunshot, while three patients presented with non-life threatening injuries.

With multiple casualties, patients are distributed across the facilities to avoid overwhelming any particular ER, according to Jill Jensen Chadwick, director of news for the University of Kansas Health System. They treated one injured patient who had come in from the rally.

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