Protestor Storms Stage During DeSantis Town Hall

Protestor Storms Stage During DeSantis Town Hall

(DailyDig.con) – On January 9, activists rushed the stage at a town hall meeting in Iowa featuring Florida’s Governor, Ron DeSantis, which was broadcast live and presided over by Martha MacCallum and Bret Baier of Fox News. He shouted, “No oil money!” and momentarily halted the proceedings.

Before being removed, Sunrise Movement activists shouted slogans, waved banners, and obstructed the camera. The protester held a medium-sized pennant before DeSantis at the event in Des Moines before security swiftly escorted him off the stage.

The activists have admitted to impersonating Republicans in order to confront them about issues like fracking and green jobs, and they have promised more disruptions before the Iowa caucuses.

Activists erred, DeSantis stated, as security removed the hecklers. Since he is in favor of fracking and offshore drilling, he said that they made a mistake.

After the disruption, DeSantis seemed unfazed and resumed his line of thought regarding abortion, seeking to differentiate himself from Trump and Haley on the matter.

Some of the left-wing clich├ęs regarding abortion are something Haley indulges in, according to DeSantis. Those who are in favor of protecting the right to life have come under fire from her for allegedly discussing the incarceration of women. He said no one was discussing it. No pro-lifer he has encountered has ever brought up the topic of women going to prison.

A RealClearPolitics average of surveys shows that DeSantis is behind Haley in Iowa for second place by a minuscule 0.2%, with less than one week before the caucuses on January 15.

The poll aggregator reports that Trump’s lead in Iowa remains at 35.6%, which seems unassailable given his refusal to debate the GOP primary opponents.

Regardless of where you live in the state, DeSantis claims he has addressed your questions. None of the other candidates have shown any interest in appearing before them to address their concerns. He believes the people of Iowa are grateful for his presence and have high hopes for his success.

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