Putin Says He Wants to Avoid a Global Conflict

Putin Says He Wants to Avoid a Global Conflict

(DailyDig.com) – On May 9, Russia held its yearly celebration of the WWII defeat of Nazi Germany. Every year, Russia celebrates the Soviet Union’s battles with the Nazis near Leningrad and Moscow in a parade known as Victory Day.

The parade is filled with displays of the Russian military as the nation reflects on defeating fascism’s world dominance goals. During the 79th anniversary of the defeat of the Nazis, Vladimir Putin, president of Russia, declared that his goal at this time was to avoid any conflict on a global scale. Yet he also made it very clear that Russia will not put up with threats against them, as they are continually alert for any movement in that area.

Putin said in his address that the West tends to forget what they learned from WWII, but Russia will never forget that they defeated fascism. He said that every Russian citizen realizes that their nation’s future is dependent on them during the current events they are facing. As they recognize the Russian military’s sacrifice and cheer them on in the parade, everyone knows that those who fight for them are heroes.

Victory Day is always emotional. It is a sentimental day for all generations as they proceed in their traditions that give them confidence that, as one people, Russia will guarantee their freedom and safety, according to Putin.

Exeter University’s director at the Strategic Studies Institute, Professor Michael Clarke, told the news media that the Soviet Union fought WWII on its soil. The nation viewed it as an experience close to death, and the parade honors their resilience.

According to officials in Russia, this Victory Day is especially important because the West’s continued support for Ukraine is becoming dangerous. Putin has warned the West many times that he will not risk a broader war that includes nations with nuclear power. During the parade, Putin made his point by showcasing their Yars intercontinental missile, which is capable of striking anywhere on Earth.

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