Putin Says He’s Ready To Freeze War In Ukraine

Putin Says He's Ready To Freeze War In Ukraine

(DailyDig.com) – Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president, has expressed that he is prepared to end fighting in Ukraine if a ceasefire includes the current boundaries of the battlefield. Several sources close to Putin’s advisers claim that he is prepared to continue the war if the West and Kyiv don’t respond to his offer.

The sources in Putin’s government state that he is frustrated with the West backing Ukraine’s attempts to obstruct negotiations and with Zelenskyy’s, Ukraine’s president’s, stubborn decision not to negotiate with him. One of the sources, a senior official in the Russian government, stated that Russia will continue to fight as long as necessary, but Putin would rather negotiate a ceasefire that would freeze the lines of the battlefield to their current positions.

Putin stated during a Belarus news conference on May 24 that peace negotiations should restart. He said that they should be dependent on what is happening on the battlefield. He asserted that they should uphold the initial deal they reached in the beginning weeks of fighting rather than letting either side dictate their actions.

The foreign minister of Ukraine, Dmytro Kuleba, posted on social media that Putin is attempting to hinder the Switzerland summit that Ukraine has scheduled for next month. He claims that the sources are sending signals to fool his enemies into thinking he is ready to end the war. Putin doesn’t want to stop his aggressive actions toward Ukraine, and only a united majority of the global community would be able to force him to agree to peace.

Zelenskyy has consistently asserted that he will never accept Putin’s terms. He made a vow to retake all territory that Putin has taken, which includes the 2014 annexed Crimea. A 2022 decree that he signed declared formally that any peace talks with Putin were impossible.

The peace summit in June in Switzerland intends to bring an international end to the war. Zelenskyy stated that Putin shouldn’t attend, and Moscow stated that no result would be credible without Russia and their allies included.

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