Putin To Arm American Enemies

Putin To Arm American Enemies

(DailyDig.com) – Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president, said on June 6 that he is thinking about supplying arms to the West’s enemies, according to the Kremlin. He would take this action as a form of retaliation for the West’s provision of arms to Ukraine, with the intention of attacking Russia on their territory.

The same types of military arms, long-range missiles, and drones that the US and Britain supply to Ukraine will be the same types they supply to their enemies. In a press brief on June 5, Putin stated that the West supplying Russia’s enemies with sophisticated weaponry would mean that they have the right to do the same to the West’s enemies. He called the plan symmetrical and said that they were seriously considering it.

When the media asked Dmitry Peskov, Putin’s spokesperson, which enemies Russia would arm, he did not respond. He did say that weapons fired at Russia and supplied to Ukraine by other countries should not go unanswered or have no consequences. He also said he thinks the West heard Putin’s warning and is considering what to do.

Peskov stated that the West’s countries must consider Russia’s stance, as they will not yield when their country is under attack.

In May, US President Biden gave permission to use weaponry they supplied to Ukraine to shoot at Russia’s military targets. But they did prohibit Ukraine from using US ATACMS long-range missiles against Russian targets, as they have a range of up to 186 miles.

On June 6, Biden assured the press that Ukraine would not use US weapons to target Russian territory. However, that claim is under dispute, as Biden has already announced that he granted Ukraine permission to do so.

David Cameron, the British Foreign Secretary, announced on May 3 that Britain had given Ukraine permission to target sites within Russia with the weapons it had supplied.

Dmitry Medvedev, Russia’s Security Council deputy chairman, warned the US that they and their allies would face the consequences of their actions.

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