Putin Visits North Korea to Strengthen Relations

Putin Visits North Korea to Strengthen Relations

(DailyDig.com) – The leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-Un, and President Putin of Russia signed an agreement on June 19 that included language of an agreement to defend their countries if one of them is attacked.

The summit took place in Pyongyang, North Korea, as both Russia and North Korea faced potential hostilities from Western countries. After the talks concluded, Kim stated that the overall agreement contained language of peace as well as a defensive nature in case of any future offensive acts against either country.

Putin clarified that their discussions encompassed the current state of the world and the known agenda of globalists. North Korea and Russia will unite to oppose other political regimes that are motivated politically to seek to impose sanctions on other nations. Due to the isolation resulting from these sanctions, Moscow and Pyongyang will have the opportunity to exchange hardware and technology as each country’s needs dictate.

As the comments from the two leaders continued, Kim stated that Putin was a friend to the people of North Korea. He said that he stands firmly with his Russian friends and their mission of friendship in attending these talks and agreeing on the pact between the two nations.

According to the Kremlin’s website, the agreement included cooperation not only in military service but also in the science, trade, education, investment, and healthcare fields. Putin declared that North Korea’s right to self-defense would not stand alone, and he did not dismiss his nation’s assistance to North Korea with technical or military cooperation. That was part of the agreement that he and Kim signed, according to Putin.

While Putin was in North Korea, he visited a monument to the Soviet Union’s soldiers who died while defending Korea from the Japanese occupation after the end of WWII. During the visit to the monument, Putin placed a wreath to commemorate the sacrifice of the soldiers.

After Putin’s first trip to North Korea in more than 20 years, he planned to travel to Vietnam.

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