Rail Line Connecting Russia and China Attacked By Ukraine

Rail Line Connecting Russia and China Attacked By Ukraine

(DailyDig.com) – According to an unidentified Ukrainian military source, a freight train traveling on the only main railroad between China and Russia was reportedly bombed by Ukraine.

According to the source, the explosion was carried out by the Ukrainian Security Services (SBU) and was a successful special operation. The SBU were responsible for the assault, according to the anonymous source, who supposedly had direct knowledge of the activities.

The incident occurred when the train was traversing the Severomuysky tunnel, per the article, in the region of Buryatia. The railway ran between the Russian cities of Baikal and Amur in the far east. The source further clarified that this train route serves as the only significant rail link between China and Russia. It was unclear from the source how bad the damage was.

Russia has been actively working to upgrade its railroads in order to shorten travel times between its western border and ports in the far east.

According to the website of the Trans-Siberian Travel Company, the Baikal-Amur route extends for about 400 miles between the towns of Tayshet in Russia and Sovetskaya Gavan in the far east.

According to independent media in Russia, this is the second incident of its kind in the region. A freight train carrying fifty cars, which included forty-one tank cars carrying aviation and diesel fuel, was reportedly attacked by unidentified individuals as it passed through a tunnel that separated the Russian villages of Okusikina and Itykit.

One vehicle was totally destroyed in the explosion, two others had holes punched in them, and gasoline leaks had damaged the tracks, rendering continued transit impossible, per the report. Independent verification of these reports was not possible.

China supplied Russia with vital raw materials, drones, and helicopters, according to an August study, and trade between the two countries has skyrocketed since February 2022, when the Kremlin started their invasion.

Reports then cited customs records to show that Russia acquired drones worth over $100 million and $225 million worth of ceramics, materials that may be used in body armor, from China as of July.

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