Ramaswamy Endorses Trump After Dropping Out of 2024 Race

Ramaswamy Endorses Trump After Dropping Out of 2024 Race
ASTON, PA - SEPTEMBER 22, 2016: Donald Trump giving the thumbs up gesture as he delivers a campaign speech at Sun Center Studios.

(DailyDig.com) – Former pharmaceutical businessman and multimillionaire Vivek Ramaswamy terminated his run for president on January 15 and backed Donald Trump after his underdog campaign gained attention but fell short in the first nominating primary for the Republican Party in Iowa.

Ramaswamy told a group of his supporters after the results came in that he had decided to put his presidential campaign on hold after finishing fourth in Iowa. According to him, unless certain undesirable events take place in the nation, he does not see a way he will be able to become president.

Throughout his campaign, Ramaswamy defended Trump and promised to pardon him for any federal charges resulting in convictions he may face in the future. But changing the administrative state was the main target of his effort.

He made headlines for his confrontational debate performances and obsessive attention to the media, particularly social media, but he turned off some voters, and the hype about him died down in the fall. He was unable to get beyond the single digits in national opinion polls with probable Republican voters in the primary before the end of 2023.

The outgoing candidate reiterated his earlier statement that two “America First” candidates were vying for the nomination. He had contacted Donald Trump earlier in the evening to offer his congratulations on the win.

In the days leading up to their Iowa battle, Ramaswamy’s relationship with the former president seemed to be deteriorating.

As Trump said earlier on social media, Ramaswamy began his campaign by praising him as the greatest president in history. The only thing he does today, however, is use sneaky campaign tactics to hide his support. Voting for Ramaswamy is like siding with the opposition, very cunning, but true. This is not a hoax. Choose ‘TRUMP,’ and your vote will not be wasted! It is clear that Ramaswamy is not a MAGA.

But Trump softened his stance toward Ramaswamy in his victory address, expressing his desire to congratulate Vivek on a job well done.

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