Ready to Get to Work? Support Your Candidate’s Campaign

Ready to Get to Work? Support Your Candidate's Campaign

( – Campaign finance regulations, as stated by the Federal Election Commission (FEC), govern who is allowed to donate to a campaign, how much they may give, and how those donations must be recorded. If someone wants to volunteer or work as an election officer, the information below will be of assistance.

Regulations that apply to the specific activity govern contributions, whether financial or in-kind.

Individual contributions are restricted to $2,700 per election each year; multi-candidate parties are limited to $5,000 each calendar year; local, district, and state political committees are limited to $10,000 each year; and national party associations are limited to $33,900 a year. Contributions above $100 per candidate are prohibited, as is corporate money, per the FEC.

Non-cash political gifts are known as in-kind donations. Equipment, securities, staff, facilities, or other expenditures made on behalf of a candidate are examples. The worth of the goods is the normal retail price.

The FEC states that volunteer activities include personal activities that are not rewarded and do not involve financial responsibility. Emails, advertising, phone calls, mailings, emails, voter drives, print media, or use of a house for meetings are examples of public communications.

Each person is restricted to a $1,000 limit for meals and a $1,000 limit for travel expenditures per candidate and election relevant to the campaign. Record any excess funds as in-kind donations.

Additionally, individuals may help candidates by creating independent expenditures for them. Individuals can create independent expenditures for candidates by producing a communication, or ad, specifically campaigning for or against the election or defeat of a particular candidate, per the FEC.

However, to avoid being considered a political donation, individuals cannot collaborate, approve, or direct the production with a candidate or their approved committees. In addition, individuals must issue a notice stating that the production is not authorized by the specific candidate. You must disclose to the FEC any independent expenditures that exceed $250 in a calendar year.

Research campaign financing laws on the FEC’s website.

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