RECALL ALERT: Chicken Nuggets Contaminated

RECALL ALERT: Chicken Nuggets Contaminated

( – Due to consumer reports of metal bits in chicken nuggets, a US food manufacturer is recalling 13.5 tons of breaded chicken Fun Nuggets in the shape of dinosaurs.

According to Tyson Foods, a small number of customers have reported finding tiny, malleable metal bits in the nuggets; thus, the company is recalling 29,819 pounds of the product to be safe.

The Berryville, Arkansas, business made the Fun Nuggets on September 5 and sold them in 29-ounce packages. Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, and California are among the nine states where they were distributed before being recalled. The chicken nuggets linked to the recall contain, on the back side of the packaging, the number P7211.

According to the Food Safety and Inspection Service of the United States Department of Agriculture, the issue was identified when the firm reported receiving complaints from customers who found tiny metal bits in the product.

One consumer reported a minor oral injury after eating Fun Nuggets, the FSIS said. Those who are worried about their health should seek medical attention.

The food agency warned that a number of the nugget packages may still be in customers’ freezers. They urged anybody who found any to dispose of them or return them to the store from whence they were purchased.

Tyson has had to issue a product recall before, so this is not an isolated incident. Customers reported detecting a shiny mirror-like particle in their raw ground beef, prompting the business to recall 46 tons of goods in November 2022. Some chicken nuggets were recalled at the beginning of 2019 after customers reported finding fragments of soft rubber that were blue in color.

More than 83,000 containers of American processed single cheese slices by Kraft were recalled by the company in September due to a potential choking danger posed by a piece of the wrapper sticking to the slice.

Trader Joe’s, an American chain of specialty supermarkets, withdrew two lines of its own brand of cookies earlier this year after someone reported finding rocks embedded in the dough.

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