RECALL ALERT: Coca-Cola Issues Major Recall

RECALL ALERT: Coca-Cola Issues Major Recall

( – The FDA stated on December 14 that Coca-Cola has voluntarily recalled 2,000 cases of three beverage brands distributed across several states.

The FDA said 12-ounce cans of Sprite, Diet Coke, and Fanta Orange might have been tainted with some type of non-edible material. The FDA revealed in a document dated November 6 that Coca-Cola voluntarily recalled thousands of soda cans. According to the soda company’s spokesperson, the recall was finalized by December 14, with no more tainted cans available for purchase.

Four hundred seventeen crates of 12-ounce cans of Diet Coke, one thousand five hundred fifty-seven crates of 12-ounce cans of Sprite, and fourteen crates of 12-ounce cans of Fanta Orange are all part of the soda that was recalled. According to a document filed by the FDA, the cases were spread throughout Florida, Mississippi, and Alabama.

United Packers, an Alabama-based firm, manufactured the cans in question, as stated in the FDA complaint.

There were no complaints of injuries or illnesses related to the recall as of the publishing date. The nature of the potential non-edible substance and the dangers it can cause to customers are yet unknown.

The limited amount voluntary recall affected 48 locations in the markets as follows: Ocean Springs and Gulfport, Mississippi; Mobile and Robertsdale, Alabama; and Valparaiso, Florida, according to an email statement from a Coca-Cola spokesperson.

All recall operations in those areas have been completed, and there is no affected product left for sale, as stated by the Coca-Cola official. However, if you happen to locate any of the affected goods, the FDA strongly advises you not to consume the beverage.

The following specifics on the recall are:

Diet Coke 12-packs with UPC 49000028911 and have lot numbers JAN2924MBD3. January 29, 2024, is their sale date.

Fanta Orange 12-packs with UPC 49000030730 and have lot numbers UL2924MBD3. July 29, 2024, is their sale date.

Sprite 12-packs with UPC 49000028928 and have lot numbers JUL2924MBD3. July 29, 2024, is their sale date.

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