REVEALED: Google Interfered in US Elections 41 Times

REVEALED: Google Interfered in US Elections 41 Times

( – A report released on March 18 by the Media Research Center (MRC) revealed that since 2008, Google has been involved in the interference of elections in the US 41 times. The watchdog organization’s report, spanning 19 pages, stated that the impact of this interference dramatically grew to harm the process of our nation’s elections.

Brent Bozell, the president and founder of MRC, said that the interference of the prior 16 years was deliberately massive. The summary of the Google executives’ own words, according to MRC’s report, claims to show they used their resources, strength, and reach of their product into the public domain to push their leftist values.

Bozell claimed that their purposeful interference in US elections is unacceptable. It is a massive threat to America’s government by the people.

The report documents every case they tackle, starting with the first interference in 2008, when they stated Google censored bloggers who were Hillary Clinton supporters. The report’s synopsis stated that during the 2008 primary, Google supported the radical and younger Barack Obama over the corporate moderate candidate, Clinton. With Google’s censorship of Clinton supporters, the result produced by them was immediate.

The MRC report on the final interference relates to Google’s refusal to provide information that could harm the incumbent, Joe Biden.

The report’s conclusion included the statement that Google would either admit that it had made errors or try to reduce the criticism of reports or studies of its actions. In either case, Google never explained why its interference in elections favored the political left to the detriment of the political right.

After MRC’s report was released, Google made a statement to counter the conclusion. A spokesperson for Google told the press that the report is only a list of baseless complaints without any accuracy. Third parties have shattered these recycled accusations, even when brought up in court.

MRC’s conclusion recommended that the House investigate Google, state legislatures demand that Big Tech not censor any viewpoints, and US citizens stop using Google Search.

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