Rihanna Sparks Controversy With Cover

Rihanna Sparks Controversy With Cover

(DailyDig.com) – A conflict has erupted between the singer Rihanna and the Catholic Church over the photo on the cover of the Spring 2024 issue of “Interview” magazine. The church claims her dress as a provocative nun is blasphemous.

The photo that introduces the interview, “Rihanna Is Ready to Confess,” was petitioned by the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property (TFP). They claim that the star, who is known for singing offensive songs, wearing the nun’s habit, mocks and ridicules their dignity and the sanctity of their faith.

The petition also states that Interview magazine offended the Catholic Church and disrespected the dignity of all Catholic beliefs.

The photo depicts Rihanna in a caricature of a nun’s habit with the headpiece, but the top of the robe is open in a suggestive manner. She is adorned with heavy, garish makeup and a somewhat defiant pose. Even the title of the interview alludes to the Catholic Church’s sacred rite of confession.

Rihanna spoke with Mel Ottenberg, the editor-in-chief of “Interview.” He also did the styling for her for the photo shoot, as he had worked for her since 2011 as her stylist. During the photo shoot, Rihanna wore several different outfits.

The interview did not discuss her outfit for the cover photo, or what any of the photos meant. Rihanna did discuss God in the interview and accredited him for bringing her together with ASAP Rocky, a fellow performer. Because of the pandemic, their relationship grew faster than they would have expected. She said that she thought that God knew they needed to start their family, so it was just right that it happened.

She stated that her other relationships saw her trying her best, but it never seemed to be enough. In her relationship with Rocky, she let go and allowed God to lead her. She said it was wonderful to know that God believed she was worthy of having children.

When asked about how many children she wants, Rihanna replied that it was up to God.

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