Rising Hollywood Star, Cedric Jones Dies, 46

Rising Hollywood Star, Cedric Jones Dies, 46

(DailyDig.com) – The immediate cause of death has apparently been concealed from the public in order to protect the privacy of “The Terminal Listactor Cedric Jones’ family and friends. Jones was 46 years old.

On October 16, Jones, a boxer, personal trainer, actor, and actor in the 2023 TV series “The Terminal List” opposite his buddy Chris Pratt, died. His death was verified on Instagram by his organization, Beastie Boxing.

The news had apparently come as a shock to his wife and his three kids.

A representative from the fitness center released a statement on October 20 in which they praised Jones as an amazing friend, spouse, father, brother, son, and community leader. He sincerely cared if people improved themselves and reached their full potential. To everyone he came into contact with, he was a blessing.

Jones, known by his nickname “Beastie,” was formerly a homeless member of the Compton, California, neighborhood who eventually became involved in the fitness scene there. A number of famous people, such as producer Kat Samick and actor Chris Pratt, sought out his services as a personal trainer and gym owner after he reached that stage. Samick reported that she, along with Pratt, landed him a character in “The Terminal List” as a security guard. At one time, Jones trained Pratt as well.

While “The Terminal List” was finishing production, Jones said on Instagram that he and his pal Pratt had worked together on two separate occasions. He claimed that Pratt had always been humble and spiritual. Because of a mishap with Jones’ family, Pratt paused production to pray for them.

Jones’s last Instagram post, published this month, was an encouragement to individuals making positive changes in their lives. He urged people to ignore naysayers and concentrate on doing what needed to be done.

The advice he gave was to ignore the individuals who were pointing at you. Don’t pay any attention to their nasty remarks. Don’t waste your attention on people who say bad things about you in the media.

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