Rudy Giuliani Faces Court for Defaming 2020 Election Workers

Rudy Giuliani Faces Court for Defaming 2020 Election Workers

( – On December 11, the trial to establish Rudy Giuliani’s financial obligations to two previous election workers in Georgia started with opening remarks. The court found Giuliani guilty of defaming the two election workers by making unfounded allegations of election fraud in 2020.

As the lawsuit is being handled by Beryl Howell, a US District Judge, Giuliani has already acknowledged that he uttered the defamatory remarks and has been found guilty of defamation.

The mother and daughter election workers, Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss, are suing Giuliani, claiming he wrongly accused them of interfering with the ballots. Their attorneys are requesting between $15 and $43 million in damages, punitive damages, and possible interest.

When the media approached Giuliani in the courtroom, he refused to discuss the subject. He did not, however, elaborate beyond saying that he and his staff had some surprises during the trial.

Freeman and Moss claim that, after receiving death threats and violent assaults, their lives were completely turned upside down. Freeman revealed her fear of disclosing her identity in public before the US House committee looking into the assault on January 6. Moss claimed that her son, who had been assigned her smartphone, started receiving death threats and experiencing academic difficulties. She also claimed to have anxiety and sadness.

Giuliani has previously acknowledged that he misrepresented Freeman and Moss. He will contend that the plaintiffs cannot demonstrate more than a mere de minimis connection between their claimed injury and Giuliani’s actions, according to a court filing by his attorneys in November.

Giuliani’s political advisor, Ted Goodman, said that he calls on the legal profession and every American, regardless of party affiliation, to speak against the use of our legal system as a weapon against political rivals.

Giuliani is also anticipated to testify at the trial. However, according to his attorney’s statement last week, the former mayor of New York City will not be using his right to the Fifth Amendment during the proceedings.

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