Russell Brand Gets Removed From Paramount+ Following Allegations

Russell Brand Gets Removed From Paramount+ Following Allegations

( – Paramount+ has taken down the comedy special from 2009, “Russell Brand in New York City,” by British comedian Russell Brand after he was accused of emotional abuse, sexual assault, and rape. It is unclear when the one-hour program was removed from the streaming site on September 19, while it was accessible as early as that morning.

Five women accused Russell Brand of sexual assault over seven years in a news broadcast titled “Russell Brand: In Plain Sight,” which aired on Channel 4’s “Dispatches” in the United Kingdom on September 16. In July of 2012, another lady claimed that Brand sexually assaulted her. Brand was 30 years old in 2006 when another alleged victim, then 16, said he abused her. Consent was there at the beginning, she claimed.

Paramount+ has followed the lead of Channel 4 and BBC, who have announced they have deleted certain Russell Brand programming from their streaming services, BBC Sounds and iPlayer, because it no longer meets consumer standards.

Brand has rejected the sexual assault charges, but companies are beginning to distance themselves from him. He is not facing any criminal charges at this time, yet Paramount+ is just the latest to reject his programming.

Furthermore, Brand’s live tour has been halted for now, and YouTube has said that he will no longer earn revenue through his channel on their platform. They said his account’s revenue has been frozen until further inquiries into his actions are conducted.

Released in 2009, Brand’s special, “Russell Brand in New York City,” followed the success of his 2008 feature in a romantic comedy movie called “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.” Brand’s latest comedy routine special, “Russell Brand Re:Birth,” may still be seen on the streaming service Netflix.

Following claims from UK media sites in advance of their TV special, on September 22, Brand issued an explanation on Twitter refuting the very serious charges. All of his previous relationships, he claims, were mutually agreeable by both parties. He has always been forthright about it, and he continues to do so today.

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