Russia Test Fires New Nuclear Missile

Russia Test Fires New Nuclear Missile

( – Commanders in the Kremlin announced on March 1 that the military test fired a Yars missile capable of carrying nuclear warheads between continents. This test was accomplished the day after Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, gave his State of the Nation address.

During the speech on February 29, Putin stated that if NATO had plans to attack Russia, it was possible that a showdown of a nuclear nature would be necessary with the West. He warned that if the West sent their military to Ukraine, it could be the spark that ignites a conflict with them. The West must understand that eventually they will be able to send nuclear warheads into their territories.

A video was released by the Russian military showing the launch of their Yars missile, known by NATO as an SS-29. It was a 75-foot weapon weighing 50,000 kg that was launched from its mobile launcher.

The Yars is capable of Mach 25 speeds, which translates to almost 20,000 mph. They are able to carry 500 kiloton warheads that are almost 30 times more powerful than the Hiroshima bomb. It can also carry several warheads and be fired from any mobile or stationary launcher.

The combat training test they performed included a single Yars missile with several warheads. They used a solid propellant, PGRK Yars, to test the accuracy of its technical, tactical, and flight performance. The military announced that all of their tasks were fully completed, as the warheads they used for the test were delivered as planned.

The test was performed about 800 km north of Moscow at the Plesetsk cosmodrome. The delivery of the warheads was successful as they arrived at the training grounds of Kura in the Kamchatka Peninsula.

During Putin’s speech, he stated that the West is creating a threat after Emmanuel Macron, the President of France, left open the possibility of NATO becoming involved in Ukraine. Putin claimed that the threat of nuclear conflict is real when they consider using NATO against Russia. He added that the use of these weapons could destroy civilization.

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