School Receives Massive $1B Donation for Tuition

School Receives Massive $1B Donation for Tuition
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( – A donation of one billion dollars by Dr. Ruth Gottesman, 93, to a New York City medical school, the Bronx’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine, was announced on February 26 in a press release.

Gottesman was an Einstein College professor who studied disabilities in learning, developed a test to screen for learning disabilities, was in charge of literacy programs, and served as a former school trustee chair. The instructions that follow the donation require funding to cover the tuition for every student.

The funding came from the resources of David Gottesman, Gottesman’s late husband, as he invested in Warren Buffett’s conglomerate, Berkshire Hathaway. He died at 96 years old in 2022.

The donation is considered transformational and the largest any US medical college has received, according to the school. Dr. Philip Ozuah, the president of the college organization, stated in his announcement that no student will need to pay tuition because of the generous donation.

The Albert Einstein College of Medicine will refund the current senior class’ spring tuition for 2024. Beginning the next term, every student will be given free tuition, according to the college. This will cover the current yearly fees and tuition, totaling more than $63,000.

Dr. Yaron Tomer, a dean at the medical school, said that the financial donation will enable the school to attract all students committed to their mission, not just the wealthy. He added that many students will be able to pursue studies that they may not have been able to pursue before. This gift will represent each class of doctors from the Bronx and around the world who will be able to provide the care their communities need.

Gottesman stated in a press release that she is so thankful that her husband left his funds for her to care for. She is privileged to give this gift to such a worthy institution. She added that more than 100 students start their pursuit of medical care at the school. They will gain knowledge and compassion for their patients as they become well-trained doctors and scientists.

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