Sea Baby Drones Unveiled in Ukraine

Sea Baby Drones Unveiled in Ukraine

( – The Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) has been working on modernizing their “Sea Baby” drones in order to destroy the Kerch Bridge that runs from Russia to the Crimean city of Kerch. Kyiv reported that their fleet of drones can now carry a ton of explosive ordinance and have a range of over 620 miles.

The SSU’s spokesman, Artem Dekhtiarenko, claimed that the semi-submersible drones would be able to target nearly the entire Black Sea for enemy ships. The unmanned surface vehicles (USV) were developed to target and sink any of Russia’s ships.

The Kerch Bridge, which connects Russia with the currently occupied Crimean Peninsula, serves as the only connection, aside from ships. Military leaders in Ukraine have promised in the past to destroy the bridge, and now they have revealed their intention to demolish it within the first six months of 2024.

Russia saw the completion of the Kerch Bridge in 2014 as a success, as it connected Crimea to their homeland. However, Ukraine sees the 12-mile bridge as Russia’s display of their occupation, thus their intent to destroy it.

Ukraine has also claimed that their drones have been successful in destroying many of the Russian ships in their Black Sea fleet. Dekhtiarenko explained that they have two different types of drones in the Black Sea: Mamai and Sea Baby. He proudly declared that their over 120,000-dollar drones are destroying enemy warships worth millions.

Dekhtiarenko continued, stating that the updated drones improved due to the work of the SBU team along with the Security and Defense Forces (SDF) team. They are equipped with massive explosives that are guided by GPS and cameras to destroy their targets. As the Sea Baby’s are produced with material invisible to radar, they are able to reach their target by stealth.

Vasyl Malyuk, the head of SSU, said they have gathered specialists for creating naval drones. This will advance their abilities to eliminate their enemies from the Black Sea.

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