Sean “Diddy” Combs Dropped By Howard University

Sean "Diddy" Combs Dropped By Howard University

( – On June 7, the Board of Trustees of Howard University voted to revoke an honorary degree they gave in 2014 to Sean “Diddy” Combs because he is not deserving of the highest honor from their institution.

The Board released a statement announcing the return of Combs’ one million dollar contribution to the university and the termination of his one million dollar pledge from the Sean Combs Foundation.

The historically black university in Washington, DC, announced that they will also stop awarding scholarships in Combs’ name.

The board’s statement said that the video recently released showed that Combs’ behavior is inconsistent with the university’s beliefs and values. The video was from a surveillance tape on March 5, 2016, which proved Combs physically assaulted his now-former girlfriend, Cassie Ventura. The event happened at a Century City neighborhood hotel in Los Angeles.

After the video was released, Combs stated that he was going through a difficult time in his life and had to face his past. He said that he had reached his lowest point. He does not want to excuse his behavior, as it was inexcusable, and he takes responsibility for what he did.

The board also stated that they oppose all violent acts between individuals. In the statement, they linked to the university’s website, the “Interpersonal Violence Prevention” page. Combs attended Howard University from 1987 through 1989.

Six women have accused Combs of similar assault charges in lawsuits brought against him over the last year. In early April of this year, federal law enforcement raided two homes belonging to Combs regarding criminal investigations of assault and illegal drug and firearm-related allegations, according to sources familiar with the incidents. Combs denied the allegations in the lawsuits.

Investigators are working to bring the accusers of Combs’ illegal activity before a New York federal grand jury, according to news media sources. The allegations stem from his assaults, illegal drugs, and money laundering activities.

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