Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs’ Properties Raided by Federal Agents

Sean 'Diddy' Combs' Properties Raided by Federal Agents

( – Homeland Security raided the Miami and L.A. homes of Sean Combs on March 25. Officials stated that the raid was due to an investigation that included human trafficking that has been ongoing. It is not clear that Combs was at either residence at the time.

A spokesperson from Homeland Security Investigations (HIS) stated that the raid included assistance from their Miami and LA divisions and law enforcement from their local partners. They will provide more information when it’s available.

No official has confirmed that Combs was the actual investigative target, but a source from law enforcement revealed to the media that he was the reason for the raid. The source also stated that the office of the US Attorney in New York is involved in a likely criminal case.

Combs’ legal troubles, including lawsuits and allegations, caused him to step back from his chairmanship of Revolt Media in November. His ex-girlfriend, Cassandra Ventura, accused him in a lawsuit of controlling behavior as he forced her to obtain prescriptions for illicit drugs to feed his addictions. The lawsuit also claimed that he physically abused her, which resulted in bleeding, bruises, and other trauma. In 2023, a multi-million-dollar payment settled her lawsuit.

Combs faced three additional lawsuits for various assault and abuse allegations, even after the settlement. Then, in February 2024, he faced an accusation of misconduct so widespread that one of his producers was accused of abuse, humiliation, and theft of his wages on the album “The Love Album: Off The Grid.”

Combs responded to the recent claims of abuse as he posted on social media, saying that he had enough. He said that he didn’t respond to the people who were trying to destroy his character and his legacy. People are making terrible allegations to harm his reputation just to get a huge settlement. He denied all the awful allegations and will fight to restore his good name.

Homeland Security has stated that they investigate human trafficking but have not released the reason for the current raids.

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