Shannen Doherty Excludes Many From Her Funeral List

Shannen Doherty Excludes Many From Her Funeral List

( – When talking about mortality, Shannen Doherty wants to lighten the mood.

Funerals are the worst for Doherty, she admits. She said on “Let’s Be Clear With Shannen Doherty” that she isn’t sure whether anybody is competent at funerals but that it’s too much for her to manage.

Doherty claims that after disclosing the fact that the breast cancer she suffered from had spread to her bones and brain, she was compelled to contemplate her own mortality and the prospect of a funeral. According to her, her memorial service should be more like a party and less like a solemn ceremony. But fewer invitees are better when it concerns the event.

The thought occurred to Doherty just before her January brain surgery, and she informed her closest friend, Chris Cortazzo. She revised her will to make sure everything was crystal clear, since she didn’t believe she would survive. In her will, she included Cortazzo as executor.

Doherty has been unable to avoid thinking about her death since surviving her latest medical procedure, and she has spoken about her wishes for her own funeral service.

She said that many individuals whose motivations aren’t always positive will turn up there, and she doesn’t want them there. They are just going to turn up due to the fact that it is a politically acceptable thing for them to do, and they are afraid of looking bad, even if they aren’t really fond of her. As a result, she would want to relieve them of that burden.

Even better, Doherty welcomes fan participation. They are the ones who have stuck with her during her career, so their presence doesn’t bother her in the least.

A love fest is how she envisions her funeral. She would like it if it were a party.

Doherty also expressed her wishes for cremation, with her ashes blended with those of her late dog and father.

Recently, Doherty discussed her desire to live for an additional “three to five years,” saying that a cure for cancer is almost certain.

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