Sharon Osbourne vs Dannii Minogue: Feud Reignited

Sharon Osbourne vs Dannii Minogue: Feud Reignited

( – Sharon Osbourne and Dannii Minogue, judges on the British show “The X Factor” in 2007, were feuding. This feud has been revived on “Celebrity Big Brother,” as Osbourne spoke on the show of Minogue’s interview on Australia’s “Anh’s Brush with Fame.”

The singer, Minogue, said in the interview that Osbourne didn’t like her, quoting something Osbourne said about her: that she was irritating like a mosquito.

During her time on “The X Factor,” Osbourne said in an interview on “Piers Morgan’s Life Stories” that she could not abide sitting next to Minogue and eventually quit the show. She told Morgan that she really didn’t hate Minogue because she just didn’t want to waste her time thinking about her. In that interview, she made the mosquito comment.

Osbourne’s autobiography, “Unbreakable,” tells of the affair between Minogue and Simon Cowell, the head judge, executive producer, and creator of “The X Factor.” She revealed that she was irritated to have to deal with her immature power struggle, which Osbourne thought Cowell gave Minogue.

According to Minogue, she felt that Osbourne was a bully, as she stated in “Dannii: My Story.” She wrote that having to sit next to her for each show would humiliate her, and it felt like sitting next to a bully in school. She also wrote that Osbourne would reveal to anyone in the press that Minogue was only on the show because of her looks, not her talent. Osbourne would tell people that Cowell only hired her in order to sleep with her.

Minogue also revealed that Osbourne believed that she was giving the press the idea that she was prettier and younger than herself. This resulted in a confrontation just before they were to begin one of their live shows. Minogue claimed that Osbourne was backstage berating her as she stood there listening in disbelief.

Osbourne, in a Best Magazine interview, said Minogue was a strong character. She claimed that Minogue disliked her because she didn’t want to hear the truth that she was a flirt.

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