Singer Chris Brown Accused Again of Assault

Singer Chris Brown Accused Again of Assault

( – A man who said Chris Brown attacked him in a London nightclub and left him with significant injuries that required hospitalization has filed a lawsuit against the singer.

Brown allegedly delivered several crushing punches to Abraham Diaw’s head, causing him to lose consciousness, as stated in the court papers. Diaw claims that Brown kept kicking him while he lay unconscious on the floor.

The February attack occurred earlier this year at the Tape, a trendy London bar. Brown was performing in the United Kingdom as part of his “Under the Influence” tour.

Diaw claimed he was then hospitalized due to cuts on his head, a head injury, and a damaged ligament in his leg. Diaw has suffered mental turmoil and trauma in addition to the physical damage he claims may be permanent. He wants money from the court for his troubles.

Brown, now 34 years old, has been the topic of heated discussion amongst his supporters and his adversaries for many years, particularly due to the many allegations of violence leveled against him, which include an alleged 2009 fight with his ex-girlfriend Rihanna, then 35.

After that happened, Brown was unable to get a visa to visit the United Kingdom in 2010. In 2020, the restriction was no longer in effect.

In his complaint against Brown, Diaw, a music producer, says he had known Brown for seven years and expected a friendly greeting when Brown first walked up to him. The police, according to Diaw, already have security video of the alleged incident.

During an interview that was published by The Sun in April, Diaw said that Brown had attacked him by striking him many times in the head. Now that his lawyer is handling it, he has nothing more to say.

According to a statement released by the Metropolitan Police of London, the two males were scheduled to voluntarily appear for an interview at a police station on March 29 but did not show up. The inquiries regarding the missed interviews continue.

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