Son of Police Chief Wanted After Two Officers Shot

Son of Police Chief Wanted After Two Officers Shot

( – On October 22, law enforcement in Tennessee was looking for the alienated son of Nashville’s chief of police, whom they believed was responsible for the shooting of two law enforcement officers at the Dollar General.

The suspect is John C. Drake, 38 years old, the son of John Drake, the police chief for the metropolitan area of Nashville.

La Vergne chief of police, Christopher Moews, reported that on Saturday, October 21, officers were looking into a stolen car at the business when they got into a scuffle with the suspect. He then took out a pistol and shot them. La Vergne is located approximately 20 miles south of Nashville.

The back of the shoulder on the left of one officer and the groin of the other were both struck by bullets. Both were brought to the Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville.

Anne Smith, a municipal spokesperson in La Vergne, reported that one of the police officers was discharged from the hospital late Saturday. The other policeman was stable enough to be observed overnight. They have yet to identify them.

On Saturday, the chief of police released a statement identifying his son as the shooter. Drake stated that he and his son had been apart for a long time and had had very little contact with one another. He said that his child was a lifelong crook and a felon.

Drake has said that it is imperative that he be located and punished for his wrongdoing. He asks if anybody happens to see him or knows anything about him, that they immediately notify the authorities.

The Bureau of Investigation of Tennessee has issued a blue alert for Drake, who is sought for attempted first-degree murder on two separate counts. According to Smith, roughly a dozen different police departments were engaged in the hunt.

Following the incident, the city of La Vergne and the county of Rutherford, Tennessee’s fifth-most populated, were given a sheltering in place order. The shelter order was reportedly withdrawn later as authorities continued their hunt for Drake.

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