Sonic Worker Arrested For Giving Cocaine To Customer

Sonic Worker Arrested For Giving Cocaine To Customer

( – Jeffrey David Salazar, 54, of New Mexico, is accused of stowing away some cocaine in the My 30 hot dog order he was preparing for a client.

The cocaine found in the meal was confirmed by a field test done by the Espaola Police Department.

A customer at Sonic who had purchased a beef hot dog in the style of Coney Island called the Espaola Police to report that she had found a restricted drug next to her hot dog. Celine Gonzales, the lady in question, allegedly bit into a bag made of plastic containing the illicit chemical as she tried to eat her hot dog.

She had no recollection of ingesting any particular white substance. Salazar’s bag of cocaine turned out to be a somewhat meager one.

Salazar, the restaurant’s chef, was accused by police of accidentally placing the illicit drug in a customer’s bag. According to the arrest warrant document, the Sonic employee was seen on surveillance footage completing what seemed like a handshake deal with a female coworker.

When Salazar’s body language changed, he abandoned his meal preparations and began a frenzied search of the kitchen as if he’d misplaced an important item. The police concluded from Salazar’s actions that he had misplaced the baggie that contained the cocaine which ended up in the customer’s hot dog bag.

The tragedy bothered many locals. After placing her takeout order, one lady said that she found it quite scary. They go there to provide food for their family, so for a youngster to stumble across it would be disastrous, if not fatal.

A man who had just purchased an ice cream cone expressed his optimism that he was going to be OK.

The fast food worker revealed to the police that he had bought cocaine from someone in the Sonic lot that day.

One restricted drug possession charge is being brought against Salazar.

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