South Carolina Now First DNC Presidential Primary State

South Carolina Now First DNC Presidential Primary State

( – On February 4, the DNC adopted a new presidential primary timetable for early states, eliminating Iowa and New Hampshire as lead-off states. After Iowa mishandled its 2020 caucuses by postponing the results, the party made the modification.

Republicans are keeping Iowa and New Hampshire in their current timetable for the 2024 presidential primary.

South Carolina now leads the primary schedule for the Democrats (Feb. 3, 2024), followed by Nevada and New Hampshire (Feb. 6), Georgia (Feb. 13), and Michigan (Feb. 27). Since some states must amend their primary election dates, three states have established their dates: South Carolina, Nevada, and Michigan.

The DNC gave Georgia and New Hampshire until June to adjust their primary dates. Both Georgia and New Hampshire have GOP legislatures, SOS, and governors, making primary date changes difficult.

New Hampshire faces an issue in that they must hold the first national DNC primary one week earlier than other states, according to New Hampshire state law. Their Democrats have requested extra time to solve the issue, but most foresee no resolution.

Instead, New Hampshire seems likely to follow their state law and hold an unsanctioned first Democrat primary election, regardless of the fact that their party loses delegates to the DNC Convention in 2024, and if a candidate is put on the ballot, they will face harsh penalties like being excluded from debates and not allowed to access the file of voters.

New Hampshire DNC member Joanne Dowdell stated that the DNC would penalize them despite their inability to alter state law.

The DNC, unified around Biden, saw that the members who supported the new calendar were applauded by those comments from Iowa and New Hampshire.

Jaime Harrison, DNC chair, called this calendar change completely necessary. She claims that it favors black South Carolina voters. It preserves Nevada, where Latinos are rising. The change adds Michigan as a standard for the heartland because this is where unions established our nation’s middle class. It also includes Georgia, which now leads the new South. This shift, like the Democratic Party, is reminiscent of America.

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