South Carolina Teacher Banned for Threatening To Kill Students

South Carolina Teacher Banned for Threatening To Kill Students

( – When allegations surfaced that a South Carolina substitute teacher had threatened to murder fifth-graders, the state opened an inquiry into the matter.

According to a complaint from the Sheriff’s Department in Lexington County, the substitute teacher reportedly threatened the kids in her grade five class by saying she would grab them by the neck and murder them. A number of the class’s pupils discussed the remarks with members of the teaching staff.

It was alleged that the teacher quickly gathered her property and fled the school site prior to the arrival of law enforcement officials.

In an email sent to parents, the school system said that officials and school counselors had met with the pupils to help them remain calm and comfort them to ensure their safety. Shortly after the event took place, private phone calls were made to the parents of pupils who were enrolled in her class.

After the alleged event that occurred on March 1 at West Columbia’s White Knoll Elementary School, the teacher, not yet identified, is not employed any longer by the Lexington School District One. In addition, the individual who had been working for the school district beginning in December of the previous year, has been barred from entering any property owned by the district.

Terry Nine’s grandson reportedly told her that the replacement teacher had yelled and sworn at the pupils and made statements that were inappropriately of a racial nature. Due to the level of distress that he was experiencing, her grandson was unable to attend school the next day.

As a result of the event, parents are calling for a more stringent screening process for substitute teachers. As Nora Smith, who is a mother of a student who is 11 years old, brings her child to school, she is concerned that they will be secure once they are there. She is of the opinion that more steps need to be taken at this stage.

The authorities have said that the incident is still being investigated.

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