Star Musician Slams Biden and Israel

Star Musician Slams Biden and Israel

( – Macklemore, a US rapper with hits like “Same Love” and “Thrift Shop,” released his new song, “Hind’s Hall,” protesting Israel’s active war in Gaza and the role President Biden plays in the war. On May 6, Macklemore released the track.

The students protesting the war renamed the Hamilton Hall building at Columbia University as Hind’s Hall, which inspired the song’s name. The Gazan war claimed the life of Hind Rajab, a child.

The Grammy-winning rap artist was among the first major stars in the music community to denounce the US government for its support of Israel. He rapped that the protesters are against the ties that companies have with Israel, which is the point of the protests, according to the song.

Macklemore’s lyrics refer to the police’s efforts to suppress the protests as they call for Israel’s condemnation for its activities in Gaza. In his song, he portrays Israel as violently occupying Palestinians.

He also states that he has seen support from Jews who side with the anti-Israel protesters. His lyrics reflect that claim, as he speaks of witnessing Jews stand with the protesters while they scream to free Palestine.

Although he previously supported the Democrats, Macklemore’s lyrics speak of Biden having bloody hands because of his actions, and that he will not vote for him in the November election.

He chides the music industry for not speaking up about the Gazan war, rapping about their silence. He added that, despite the attention being focused lately on fellow rappers Drake and Lamar’s feud, he believes they should be calling for a ceasefire.

Macklemore also said that freeing Palestine is a call to protect everyone.

Macklemore is known for his cheerful songs, such as “Thrift Shop,” but he is also socially conscious in his songs. He went to a Black Lives Matter (BLM) protest in 2016, which resulted in a track called “White Privilege II.” Being a white man at the BLM protest, he had been accused of appropriating black culture.

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