Starbucks Forced To Shut Down Multiple Stores Over Surging Crime

Starbucks Forced To CLOSE Stores for Safety – But It’s Not What You Think

( – Violent crime has been on the rise in the US. The issue has become so bad that companies like Boeing have moved their headquarters and business to safer areas. Starbucks is taking a similar approach, as the company is shutting down several stores and moving its employees to places with less criminal activity.

The coffee shop will be closing 16 stores in the US. Six of those are in Los Angeles, California, another half dozen in Seattle, Washington, two more in Portland, Oregon, and one location in both DC and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Starbucks noted the closures were for the safety of its staff, citing drug use on store property and incidents of violence.

Denise Nelson and Debbie Stroud, senior vice presidents of US operations for the company, wrote a letter to employees explaining they “read every incident report,” mentioning there was quite a bit to sift through. The women asserted it’s their “top priority” to create a safe work environment for all.

The cafe noted it would grant managers leeway in closing restrooms, limiting the number of people allowed in the store, and even decreasing operations in response to concerns over employee security. The coffee chain ensured that no workers would lose their jobs due to the closures. Instead, Starbucks assured staff it would transfer them to different stores where they could continue their employment.

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