Starbucks Workers Walk Out On Red Cup Day

Starbucks Workers Walk Out On Red Cup Day

( – On November 16, during a major promotional occasion, Workers United reported that employees at several hundred Starbucks locations had staged a walkout in an effort to get better scheduling and staffing.

A Starbucks employee of 16 years, Juniper Schweitzer, says the firm she loves and its principles aren’t being met. They have promised them the moon and stars, but they have failed to deliver, she said. Outside her Chicago shop, she was holding a demonstration.

The strike occurred on Red Cup Day, when Starbucks gave out red reusable cups for purchases in celebration of the holiday season. Historical data shows that the event caused a significant uptick in shop visitors on the specified day.

Workers in 30 towns around the nation reportedly staged unannounced walkouts prior to the union’s call for a strike.

Workers United, which speaks for almost 10,000 Starbucks workers in around 360 outlets throughout the United States, said that the event was one of the worst days ever for employees due to a lack of staffing. Customers are angry at the extended wait times and the staff members because of the volume of drink orders and how long they have to wait.

Casper Borowitz, an employee at a Starbucks near the University of Pittsburgh, claimed that they have been requesting that mobile orders be disabled on days when they are running specials or seeing heavy traffic. They are unable to serve their customers with so few workers.

Starbucks has roughly 10,000 corporate-owned outlets in the United States, and fewer than 3 percent of those shops are unionized, according to the company. The corporation said there had been no negotiations between the union and management for over four months.

Starbucks said earlier this month that starting in 2024, hourly wages for its United States retail employees will increase by at least 3%. Employees felt this was an insensitively modest rise in light of the 11% sales growth the firm had in the fourth quarter and the recent pay hikes obtained by auto workers.

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