Startling Information About New WHO Panel

Startling Information About New WHO Panel

( – The World Health Organization (WHO), a branch of the United Nations, has appointed a majority group of transgender activists to formulate policy on children’s healthcare.

According to a media source, eleven out of the twenty-one members of the WHO’s panel lack formal medical education, seven identify as transgender, and only ten have a background in medicine.

Reports state that one of the panelists is a trans activist from Canada who is known to have a major influence on TikTok. This activist states that all children, irrespective of their gender, should be provided puberty blockers, so they may determine their gender instead of having it assigned to them.

A second WHO member said that sex changes have no negative health impacts, and they only give satisfaction and a higher standard of living.

Human rights attorneys, activists, STD specialists, social justice advocates, and policy advisors make up the remaining panel members, according to the media.

Ashley, who is a member of the committee and identifies as female, is a transgender person whose tattoo says, “Be Gay, Do Crimes.” Ashley believes that hormone treatments and puberty blockers should be the first line of treatment for young transgender people.

Tarik Jašarević, a WHO representative, states that children should not undergo suppressants, hormones, or operations. The recommendations regarding transgender problems will only address adults. He claims the WHO’s recommendations are constantly crafted based on human rights, potential advantages and risks, existing data, and the involvement of those who would benefit from the rules.

However, there are a few members of the WHO committee who have spoken out in favor of allowing minors, including those as young as thirteen, to have these kinds of medical operations done.

The new WHO panel is overly biased, according to UN Special Advocate on abuse against women Reem Alsalem, who told the press that the group has major uncontrolled conflicts of interest. There does not seem to have been an invitation for stakeholders whose opinions vary from those of transgender advocacy groups, she added.

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