Steve Carell Never Watched British Version of “The Office”

Steve Carell Never Watched British Version of “The Office”

( – Stephen Carell conceived of Michael Scott as one of his very own creations. The original British series starred Ricky Gervais as David Brent, while the American adaptation was a spin-off with Gervais in the same role.

The Office” actor, now 60 years old, reminisced on his time as the endearing, quirky Dunder Mifflin companies’ regional manager in a podcast with former co-stars Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer. Carell, before securing the part of Michael Scott on “The Office“, discussed his decision to avoid watching the Gervais version of the program.

Carell said that he and Greg Daniels, the show’s creator, had a meeting in which he presented his version of the now-famous character. As for his opinion, he claimed to have a very firm grasp on the character he wanted, and it didn’t include Ricky Gervais’ version. He avoided seeing the British adaptation for fear of letting it color his expectations for the American one.

Carell didn’t want to make an impersonation since Gervais was so good at what he did and had such a unique personality. Because of this, he was able to give the character his own unique twist, which he claimed was one that was quite distinct from Gervias’s. A more relatable, humanized performance would go a long way toward winning over the audience.

Carell said he avoided the program because he believed Gervais’ depiction of David Brent was so accurate to the character that he himself felt uncomfortable viewing it. He was prevented from seeing it since it would have been his desire to mimic it. He wouldn’t be able to look at it the same way again after seeing Gervais’s act.

Carell has progressed in his career since leaving “The Office,” but a piece of Michael will always be with him. He claimed to have never worked in a role that required him to address the camera. He was making light of the show’s frequent fourth wall breaks.

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