Sunscreen Recalled, Warning Issued

Sunscreen Recalled, Warning Issued

( – Suntegrity Skincare has issued a voluntary recall for their sunscreen product, Impeccable Skin Sunscreen Foundation, due to a high level of mold. They also stated that some batches of sunscreen had an odor that was unusual.

According to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Suntegrity found that their product had developed a microbiological mold count that was above acceptable levels. When they tested their lot 115BU, the company discovered the problem. To be cautious, they recalled some other lots along with the original lot.

The issue with the mold contamination is the possibility of creating an allergic reaction to the skin, along with other symptoms for the customer. The species of mold they found, Aspergillus Sydowii, grew over time in the one lot where they found it. The company reported that, in addition to the odor, they also noticed a separation in certain batches of different shades.

Along with a skin allergic reaction, Aspergillus Sydowii may cause an infection if used on sunburned skin or if it enters a wound. Eye infections may occur if the product touches the eye, and anyone who is immunocompromised and has contact with the mold should seek medical assistance.

Suntegrity is currently investigating the issue, as they also recalled eight more lots. All testing has come back with negative results for the mold, according to the company’s notice.

Consumers have reported no adverse reactions to any of the recalled sunscreen products.

Suntegrity Skincare sunscreen products are distributed throughout the United States, both in retail stores and on the company’s website. According to the FDA release, the lot number on the product tube is located on the back, near the tube’s seal.

The recalled products include the lot numbers and their respective shades.

Lot # 107IV, Ivory

Lot # 107NU, Nude

Lot # 109NU, Nude

Lot # 117BU, Buff

Lot # 113SA, Sand

Lot # 114sA, Sand

Lot # 106BR, Bronze

Lot # 101MO, Mocha

Customers may return the recalled products to the store for a refund or, if purchased online, contact Suntegrity for instructions on how to receive their refund.

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