Tainted Vodka Kills Two Dozen Soldiers

Tainted Vodka Kills Two Dozen Soldiers

(DailyDig.com) – A Ukrainian partisan organization loyal to Ukraine in occupied Crimea has reportedly murdered twenty-four Russian troops by poisoning their meals and vodka.

The partisan group “Crimea Combat Seagulls” took credit for the murders, claiming on December 2 that pleasant girls had tricked numerous Russian troops into accepting strychnine and arsenic-laced cheese, fish, bread, and sausage at a military checkpoint, along with seven bottles of poisoned vodka. They claimed that these were tokens of appreciation for defending the region from a potential Ukrainian invasion.

In Simferopol, the second-biggest city in Crimea, the Seagulls allegedly poisoned food and drink, leading to the deaths of 24 Russian troops and the hospitalization of 11 more. It was 2014 when Russia seized the peninsula, and in the midst of the ongoing struggle, Ukrainian President Zelensky made a commitment to reclaim the land.

It is not known when the suspected poisoning occurred. The media has not validated the incident’s veracity or the accuracy of the reported claims.

Partisans in occupied Ukraine have previously claimed responsibility for assaults like these on Russian forces. In the years after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Ukrainian partisans declared responsibility for many terrible operations.

A vehicle carrying Chechen revolutionaries who were allegedly supporting Russia was supposedly bombed last month in Melitopol, which is located in southern Ukraine, by a partisan organization. Additionally, in October, resistance members allegedly assaulted a train en route to Crimea with gasoline and munitions, causing the train to explode.

Reports supposedly surfaced a few weeks ago detailing the poisoning of four Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) officials who had ordered takeout from a Melitopol restaurant. Three FSB officers died from the poisoning, while a fourth remains in critical care after being hospitalized.

There were 77 graduates from the Russian military in the city in October when a Ukrainian deliveryman allegedly tried to poison them. After being discovered providing the soldiers with a cake and whiskey that had been tampered with at a class reunion party, he was first sentenced to fifteen days in prison.

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