Taylor Swift’s Powerful Political Influence Revealed In New Poll

Taylor Swift's Powerful Political Influence Revealed In New Poll

(DailyDig.com) – Taylor Swift’s influence on her fans, many of whom follow her on social media and report a following of 279 million people, has had an effect on elections in the US.

Swift’s popularity is evident in the success of her “Eras Tour,” surpassing the one-billion-dollar mark, and her recognition as “Person of the Year” in 2023. The recent relationship with Travis Kelce, the Kansas City Chiefs football player, has kept her in the spotlight apart from her concerts.

Because of her popularity, questions about Swift’s ability to influence the 2024 election have arisen. A communication consultant, James Haggerty, spoke of Swift’s ability to sway the sports, culture, and economics of mass areas of the US. He then suggested that she might have an influence on elections and politics.

Redfield & Wilton Strategies managed a survey that polled 1,500 eligible voters on May 1. The result showed that, among respondents saying they would vote for the Republican candidate if endorsed by Swift, it rose from the January poll results of 13% to the May results of 22%.

Trump supporters showed an increase in her influence, though not as much as Biden supporters. In the January poll, 13% said they would vote Democrat if she endorsed that candidate, but the May results only rose to 16%.

The May poll results also showed that, overall, 15% of voters would not likely vote for a Swift-endorsed candidate, 18% would vote for a Swift-endorsed candidate, and 55% stated her view would not influence them.

Also, the survey showed that Swift had more influence among young (18–24) voters and male voters. Swift’s endorsement was likely to sway 33% of young voters, while only 14% of voters that were 65 and older. Swift’s endorsement swayed 27% of male voters, compared to 11% of female voters.

Currently, Swift has not endorsed any candidate, though she did, at one time, tell her followers that they should vote for whomever represents them. She encouraged them to plan on voting, as that is what democracy is about.

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